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It is true that what happen under the sun God has great purpose for it.

My names are Ndungu Valentine Kwamboka and my surname is Kikuyu while am a Kisii. The fact remain that it is part of my miserable life and I will always accept and appreciate my life . Am 16 years old and form one student at Kambui high school. I was born in a family of six children. On 19th June 2003 at 10.30am a Friday it was when everything turned into a distressing nightmare. we woke up as usual only to find a note on a stool written ‘gone to look for food I will be back’ it was not from my mum with gratitude I didn’t know it would be my last time to see my mum face again we had stayed 3-4 months since our arrival in Nairobi and had not adapted to the new environment. It is unbelievable that I had to take the responsibility to cater for my young siblings at such an early age. The whole day we had hope that mum would come back but we never saw her. We stayed for two days being given food by neighbors and on third day I went to report to my aunt .it is so flabbergasting that a parent can disappear mercilessly. It was the worst thing that has ever which does not deserve forgives from me. Reporting the matter to her brought separation within us since we have never known where my younger sibling went except my elder brother whom I followed. It was only after 3 days my aunt started complaining that we had become a burden to her sometimes she could accuse us as being the cause as to why her sister flew away. This had become monotonous until we could not withstand no more since she had gone to extent of refusing to give us lunch and sometimes supper. The only solution we had was to join our brother in street where it never took long before I started sniffing glue, eating Miraa . We could loiter around Kawangware and sleep in our hideout at night. One day I totally got sick and everybody was sacred I would die. One day we came across some people advertising an organization sponsoring street boys but since there were taking boys it meant I would be left alone.  So I was taken to children officer in Dagoretti and the owner of that organization said he know of a home that took care of girls and that how I was brought to Nuru.

On arrival to Nuru I was welcomed by elderly girls who helped me to take a shower. I knew I had a new beginning of my life and I came to realize later on lack of parental care and love can create stress which is unbearable.

Since then Nuru has been my best home and I have never lacked the e basic need. it has provided parental care which brought my normal life back. It is the provision of a chance to education has been great privilege to me.

I came to know how to write may name and have managed to maintain top three in my entire primary school education. I am grateful to Nuru Africa.