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My name is Beatrice Chepchumba form Kapenguria in Westpokot.

I am 18 years old and come from a humble family of six girls and three boys. When we were very young my mother sent us to school despite discouragement from neighbors and family members who did not see any value in educating a girl. However my mother could hear none of so we continued schooling.

Our lives become full of problems after  our parents got separated in 2008 when my father came home very angry , called my mother in his room beat her and asked her to leave our home and never to come back. My mother hesitated and was chased by my father. We started wailing and begging him to let her return but could not listen to us. Since then my mother has never come back home.  The problem become bigger after my father left us and was left on our own.  Our first and second born were in high school and the third born was staying with my grandmother. So as the eldest I had to drop out of school and take care of our younger five children. One day our head teacher sent on of the pupils to our home and requested me to go to school and meet with him. He asked me why I was no longer going to school and all I could do was to cry as I narrated my story to him. He was sympathetic and requested us to go and boarding in school with other five children. The head teacher and some of our church members provided us with basic need while at the school and during holiday.

In 2010 when I was in standard 8 I used to ask myself several questions like how will my future looks like. However I decided to work hard knowing everything is possible with God. I did my KCPE and got good marks and worst time of my life was when I would wake up at night and asked myself where I would get the school fees to join secondary school. In January 31st 2011 I got the message that that I was travelling to Nairobi and become very excited. I reached my destination which is Nuru Africa where I met other children from different tribes and few weeks later I was admitted in Musa Gitau Secondary school

While at Nuru I have taught a lot of things such how to interact with other people, and how to handle different situation as many people come to talk to us on how to cope with problem facing young people. I appreciate our Director, Rev .Stephen Ndungu for his good work and being a father to me. I also thank all the staff members for their support and mentorship. May god bless Nuru Africa as it live longer to  continue helping the needy children in Kenya.