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Child rights Programme

Every child has right to quality education, participation, non discrimination and development of his /her full potential, yet every child is potentially at risk of abuse and exploitation with some being more vulnerable than others due to their socio- economic status, gender and disability, ethnicity or living situation etc.

Every one of us has responsibility to protect children from all form of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination and this has always been at the centre of our work.

Guided by spirit of United Convention on the rights of the child, we believe we have an obligation of promoting rights of children through:

  • Giving direct service delivery in providing them with basic needs. At Nuru Africa we take action to improve on policies and practices that undermine the well being of children who are without parental care or those who are at risk of losing it.
  • Building capacity of children to know and claim their rights through support of school clubs, children county assembly, inter homes sport and talents forums etc
  • Building the capacity of parents, communities and other duty bearers in order to fulfill, protect and respect the rights of children.