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Institutional care programme – Nuru Africa children’s home

Every child has right to grow in a supportive and caring family environment. Though biological family is ideal place for child growth and development, this is not the case for some children who have to grow without parental care as result of both natural and man-made factors such HIV/Aids, displacement due to war among others. For children who cannot be with their biological family, we provide an alternative family at Nuru Africa where we provide love, care and respect for every child as well as promoting development, education and health of each child. The home is located at Thogoto, Kiambu County which is 22km from city of Nairobi. When children are committed at Nuru we immediately carrying out family tracing and assessment for guidance on whether to help the child biologically family stabilize and reunite the child back or we look for an alternative family that can adopt or foster the Child. However, some cases of children are unsuccessful in being placed in another family and hence end up living at Nuru until the age of 18years.